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343 Balaclava Rd. Caulfield North

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343 Balaclava Rd. Caulfield North

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You don’t have to walk in the park to find serenity. Homes designed to bring nature in. Luxury One & Two Bedroom Apartments in Caulfield North.

At once complimenting the existing streetscape while providing an entirely unique point of interest, Sable Verde plays perfectly into the dichotomy of old and new, harmonising discernibly modern architectural trends with classical design elements. The resulting structure redefines multi-residential living, offering spaces predicated by style and a sense of sanctuary.

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Equilibrium is finding connection within nuances.

Distinguished by thoughtfully curated floorplans, designed to intuit the rhythms of daily life, Sable Verde responds to modern lifestyles with an air of effortless sophistication. Spatially sensitive, the traditional delineation of boundaries have been removed, imbuing living areas with a sense of boundlessness. This collapsing of internal and external perimeters encourages and unites connections both inside and outside the homes.

While elegance and style reign supreme in these homes, there is a foundation of function and practicality supporting each space’s intended purpose. Meticulously crafted to instinctively assume your daily rituals, kitchens are equipped with intelligent storage solutions, experientially placed electrical points, quality fixtures and fittings and are enhanced by the aesthetic and tactile qualities of materials.

Artist Impression
Artist Impression

Living spaces crafted for living

Characterised by a clean, tasteful palette that is both stylistically and sensually luxurious, Sable Verde approaches even the most traditionally prosaic spaces with the same discerning eye of distinction. Bathrooms reward simple pleasures with a suite of materials expertly selected as much for their tangible qualities as their visual appeal.

Cognisant of the positive effects that come from building connections, both from communal engagement and with nature, Sable Verde’s internal courtyard offers the potential for social interaction as well for finding sanctuary. The generous expanses of landscaped gardens have been left as an open aired atrium to allow sunshine in while still being protected from the wind, making an idyllic escape for residents private retreat.

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Where local favourites are city favourites

A neighbour to some of Melbourne’s icons, a short journey from your front door and you will be among the city’s most renowned schools, eateries and recreational hubs. Just 12kms from the CBD, an enviable network of transport options mean residents can walk, ride, tram, train or pull the car from the garage.
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Where local favourites are city favourites

There’s something to be said for a suburb that, while skirting the bustling city, manages to feel utterly entrenched in tranquility. There’s even more to be said of a home that captures this very essence in its design. Shrewdly approaching contemporary lifestyle demands, Sable Verde is as comfortable discussing modern architectural trends as rainforest hikes, confidently multi-lingual in all things cool as well as calm.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Caulfield North Park is one of the largest open-air spaces in South-East Melbourne, the vast array of outdoor activities on offer aims to cater to all penchants within the community. Whether you bring along a ball, a picnic rug, a dog or merely your walking shoes, you’ll be sure to find something to capture your imagination.

Housing several weather-protecting pavilions, a conservatory, childrens’ play areas and a heritage-listed arboretum, the grounds make an idyllic gathering place for gatherings as well as for finding some moments of quietude.

A cultural opus where adventure tops the menu.

Weaving a markedly Melbourne culture within its innately reposeful fabric; each day is a pleasant blend of simple modern rituals, but with the distinct sense of familiarity entwined. Your morning coffee from Einstein’s 251 is still a double shot Small Batch blend with a side of za’atar crusted eggs, but the barrister will know not only your name, but where you were spending the weekend.

Similarly, while the smoky wafts of juicy grilled meat from Tuck Shop’s famous patties envelope your every sense long before you walk through the doors, the guys will know you like double cheese and to hold the pickles, so your burger will always be sure to hit the spot.

The apex of connectivity.

Characterised by a web of transport that make commuting an ease, Sable Verde is housed within a hamlet renowned for its promotion of connectivity - to both destinations as well as the community.

With a world of prestige lying right in your backyard, from education through to recreation, residents enjoy the benefits of an address where travel is never an issue.

Sable Verde is proudly brought to you by

Selwyn Blackstone Architects
Developer & Architect

Selwyn prides himself on his continuing relationship with many of his long term clients, which has been accomplished through a clear interpretation of his clients’ needs and budget restraints. He provides the hands-on attention demanded by his clients from inception through to completion of the project.

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